Om Weekly

Om Weekly is your Tuesday morning breath of fresh air—and sometimes a reminder to take one yourself. It's sprinkled with reflections from a yoga instructor just trying to figure out this crazy world. More science than woo-woo with a heavy dose of GIFs, journaling prompts and perspective-shifters, you should subscribe if you've ever thought, "I really should meditate," then you got distracted and made a sandwich instead (relatable). Check out the archives here or here to see if it's for you.

Or, take it from existing readers and sisters of readers:
"My sis just texted me to tell me how much she loves your weekly newsletter :)" - Melanie S.
"Girl, you're so wise. Thank you for this." - Maria B.
"I love what you're doing with this newsletter, I very much look forward to receiving it each week." - Kate M.
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